‘SNL’ has Baldwin’s Trump and Carrey’s Biden go head to head in the final debate

That’s how Maya Rudolph — as moderator Kristen Welker — kicked off this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.”
The NBC variety show opened its latest episode with Alec Baldwin’s Trump taking on Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden in the final presidential debate.

“How’s this mute button work?” asked Carrey’s Biden. “Do I just haul off and slap him in the mouth?”

Baldwin’s Trump then took questions from the moderator, but confused her as his waitress.

“Mr. Trump, I’m the moderator, not your waitress,” Rudolph’s Welker said.

“Okay, just some waters then,” Baldwin’s Trump responded.

He then said that the country was doing “terrific” in terms of coronavirus.

“We’re rounding the corner. In fact, we’ve rounded so many corners, we’ve gone all the way around the block and back to where we started in March,” Baldwin’s Trump said.

Carrey’s Biden then starting spouting off responses to his opponent, saying “c’mon, man” and calling the remarks “malarkey.”

“And we have our first malarkey,” Rudolph’s Welker said. “If you’re playing Biden Bingo at home, take a shot.”

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The debate went back and forth between the two, touching on subjects like when a coronavirus vaccine may show up.

“I guarantee the vaccine is coming. Somewhere between two and 700 weeks, ok?” Baldwin’s Trump said.

Other subjects like health care, race and climate change also came up.

“I have a plan. It’s called ‘Bidencare.’ It’s like Obamacare, but… Biden,” Carrey’s Biden said.

'SNL' musical guest H.E.R., left, host Adele, and Kate McKinnon film promos for Saturday's show on Thursday, October 22.

Rudolph’s Welker then posed her final question for the two candidates: “What will you say to Americans who did not vote for you?”

“Well, if they didn’t vote for me, I guess I’d say, ‘hola,'” Baldwin’s Trump said.

As for Carrey’s Biden, he made it clear who he is, compared to Trump.

“I’m good old Joe. I’m reliable as a rock,” he said. “I got a five-star safety rating. I’m ranked best mid-size in my class by J.D. Power and Associates.”

Rudolph’s Welker then took the stage to say, “Good luck, America!” and call out the show’s signature catch phrase: “Live… From New York! It’s Saturday night!”

Singer Adele hosted the show, and H.E.R. was the musical guest.


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