School closures: Gavin Williamson to make announcement TODAY on reopening

Health experts have called on the Government to stop the reopening of schools with pupils set to return on January 4. Amid the rising case number, the Education Secretary will make a statement later today to address the matter. A meeting was held this week to discuss whether schools should reopen in January. 

Scientists have stated keeping them closed may be the only to the keep the new strain of coronavirus under control. 

On Tuesday, Cabinet Office minister, Michael Gove stated he was confident schools will reopen in England next month. 

He said: “It is our intention to make sure we can get children back to school as early as possible.”

Currently, the Year 11 and Year 13 pupils are set to return in the first week of January. 

The majority of secondary pupils in England are due to begin the term studying from home. 

Mr Gove added: “We have a new strain and it is also the case that we have also had, albeit in a very limited way, Christmas mixing, so we do have to remain vigilant.

We are confident that we will be able to get schools back in good order.

“Our plan and our timetable is there, and we are working with teachers to deliver it.”

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“What we could be doing is reducing the number of young people in schools while we get that testing in place, making sure we focus on those young people who we need to have in school, trusting the other ones not to be in school.

“Why don’t we have a more nuanced debate about it?

“A more grownup attitude, and why don’t we trust our school and college leaders who, frankly, are looked to for real leadership by their local communities?”

The new strain of the virus has seen case numbers rise rapidly to levels not seen even during the height of the pandemic. 


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