Opinion | Hunting for Internships During the Pandemic

Editor’s note: This week’s Future View discusses students’ experience of the job hunt through the pandemic. For next week we’ll ask, “Given recent blackouts in Texas and recurring blackouts in California, do aggressive climate goals square with the reality?” Students should click here to submit opinions of fewer than 250 words before Feb. 23. The best responses will be published that night.

Networking From Home

Recruiting for investment-banking jobs is very regimented, with specific, tried-and-true steps laid out for each part of the process. The pandemic turned this process on its head, but it’s not all bad. Networking chats have become easier to set up. When connecting means clicking “join meeting” rather than traveling to a coffee shop, people are much more available. Without the need for a subway ride or a sticky name tag from security, an open half-hour truly is 30 minutes long.

The downside is that there is no real opportunity for spontaneous meetings and connections. A virtual conversation with someone working from home has near-zero potential to lead to “hold on a second, I think Jess is in her office. You should meet with her, too.” The organic flow typically associated with building rapport and evaluating company culture is missing.


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