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Best way to clean the stove – how to get rid of tough cooked-on spills

Stovetop spills cause most kitchen messes and will have become more commonplace in recent months. Lockdown has left people mostly cooking from home, with restaurants and cafes closed to the general public. Those who have put off cleaning will find many of their stovetop messes have dried and seemingly fused to the metal.

How to clean cooked-on stovetop spills

Ideally, everyone should clean stovetop spills after cooking, as leaving them to dry means investing more effort.

People may also find the process trickier depending on the type of stovetop they have. has compiled a selection of tips to streamline cleaning for both electric and gas stovetops.

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To start, people should remove all items from the stovetop and gradually turn up the heat.

Leave the electric burners on high for roughly two to three minutes.

The process should burn off a lot of the mess, eliminating the need for significant effort.

Once the heating is off and the stovetop has cooled, people can wipe off the debris with a damp cloth.


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