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Life after death: NDE survivor entered

José Hernández, who appeared in a Netflix docuseries, suffered an accident while running electrical lines at work, leading to his hospitalisation. Once in the emergency department, he received painkillers but an allergic reaction to the medication’s components began to shut down his vital organs.

During his Near Death Experience (NDE) the man recounted falling into a colourful tunnel where he heard millions of voices talking to him.

He then appeared in the ocean standing in front of his late father who he had deep regrets about.

He said: “Me and my dad had a very difficult relationship in life.

“We couldn’t even hug. So, when he died, I felt totally bitter and really regretful of the fact that we were never able to say we love each other, or we care.”

But during his brush with death, Mr Hernández was able to “make peace with my dad.”

He added: “When I met my dad on the other side, I realised that sometimes we may not be able to say something here, [but] we’re gonna be able to say it somewhere else.”

A biochemistry expert has given a possible explanation to the Near Death Experiences phenomenon.

NDE is commonly experienced by people who have been subject to an extreme medical trauma, such as a heart attack or asphyxia.


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