Nicola Sturgeon and SNP’s ‘cynical’ approach to Scottish independence denounced

Tony Miklinski told Nicola Sturgeon sees everything through the lens of securing a second vote, dubbed Indyref2. The Scottish Tory added the debate on Scottish independence must shift towards facts rather than hysteria and passion. 

Mr Miklinski said: “There is nothing that Nicola Sturgeon does that doesn’t have the lens of Scottish independence in place.

“They analyse every situation to see how they can further the independence message.

“You can see that from everything she does from Covid to Brexit.

“One minute she is saying any deal is better than no deal, that was when she thought we were not going to get a deal.

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“Then we get a deal and she votes against it, it is cynical, manipulative and brazen.”

He added: “We really do need to get back and I hope we will shortly, into fully understanding what it is that an independence referendum would mean and what independence would mean.

“We [need to] start talking about the facts, not the hysteria and the passion that the nationalists generate which passes for a coherent argument on things like economics.”

The Scottish Conservative councillor also told that Ms Sturgeon has “no option” but to fight for Scottish independence or she will be kicked out of the SNP.

“She has no choice to consider other options such as a constitutional reboot which I think is necessary.”

He added that Ms Sturgeon party has an “obsession” with independence.

Mr Miklinski said: “For all the SNP councillors and MSPs that I know it is independence, independence, independence.

“They will not leave it alone, they are absolutely obsessed with it.”


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