Three times car manufacturers tried their hand at lawnmowers

It’s nearly driving season again, and you know what else that means: it’s time to mow the lawn!

But this year, rather than walking behind that old push mower and getting your boots covered in grass clippings like a peasant, it’s time to mount up on a proper machine – a ride-on mower. 

Now, you could (and frankly should) go the expected route and purchase your mower online after reading a bunch of reviews, or maybe visit your local retailer and talk to a sales representative. Or, you could live like a true car nut and splurge on an automotive-inspired unit. There aren’t too many options out there — surprisingly, there hasn’t been that much crossover between the world of ride-on mowers and actual cars — but those that do exist are cool and covetable, if mostly unnecessary.

Here are three times car manufacturers tried their hands at lawn mowers. 

Mansory x BSTN tribute mower to Air Jordan shoes

German custom car builder Mansory recently partnered with sportswear retailer BSTN to produce this one-off “mower of superlatives.” The mower is a nod to the 25th anniversary of the Nike Air Jordan XI ball shoe, the design of which – fun fact – was allegedly inspired in part by lawn mowers. 

The BSTN GT XI has a bunch of sporty badging, a woven seat, a hood scoop and vents up front, a wing up top and carbon-fiber everything. I guess the idea is that if you’re the kind of sneakerhead who wears $1,000+ Jordans on the daily, you’ll want a fly ride that also keeps your kicks clean as you mow. Smart. 

BMW Designworks x Snapper NXT Riding Mower

This collaboration between BMW Designworks and American mower maker Snapper landed in 2010 with BMW-inspired features that you might expect on a car, like a one-touch push start button, LED lights, a cell phone charger and a digital instrument console. The starting price of the NXT Riding mower is US$2,599. 

Honda Mean Mower and Mean Mower V2

Honda has twice broken the obscure Guinness World Record for fastest-accelerating lawnmower, first in 2014 on the original Honda Mean Mower and then again in 2019 with the Mean Mower V2, both of which have power-to-weight ratios akin to supercars.  

The V2 uses a four-cylinder engine from Honda’s CBR1000RR high-performance motorcycle to push the mower, built from a standard Honda HF 2622 lawn tractor and reinforced to withstand speed runs, from standstill to 160 km/h in 6.2 seconds. And yes, it will cut grass, albeit not very effectively at those speeds. 


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