Alex Salmond’s Scottish independence ‘supermajority’ plan rubbished ‘Boris has said no!’

Alba Party leader Alex Salmond insisted Scotland will be closer to having an independence referendum with a super-majority in Parliament. While speaking on Good Morning Scotland with Gary Robertson he warned Boris Johnson and his Government could silence independence calls if Scotland remains divided. However, Mr Robertson insisted a super-majority would fail to make a difference as Mr Johnson and his Government have already insisted the Scottish referendum was a once in a generation vote.

Mr Robertson said: “What is going to change in Nicola Sturgeon’s mind.

“I have already told you, she has said it time and time again to us that independence is gained through a legal and internationally recognised referendum.

“That is how it is achieved, not just calling for it in the Parliament.”

Mr Salmond attempted to clarify and said: “No, it is not just calling for it, it is open negotiations with the UK Government.”

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Mr Robertson retorted: “And Boris Johnson’s Government says no, so there you go.

“Where do you go from there?”

Mr Robertson admitted that this conclusion was one shared by many people but still argued in favour of a super-majority.

He said: “That is an analysis shared by many people.

Alex Salmond has also come under fire for his ability to lead his party despite being acquitted of all wrongdoing in the allegations against him. 

While speaking on Good Morning Britain (GMB) he insisted the latest polling indicates his new party is gaining key support.

However, GMB host Kate Garraway argued SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is refusing to work with Mr Salmond.


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