Monumental failure! Priti Patel sparks fury as Rochdale child rapists still not deported

Members of the gang – which raped and sexually abused girls as young as 13 – have been pictured roaming around the Lancashire town six years after they were meant to be deported to Pakistan. The hit BBC drama – Three Girls – told how the gang were able to get away with their crimes for years because of fears that an investigation could lead to accusations of racism.

Yesterday Home Secretary Priti Patel pledged that her tough new immigration rules will ensure the gang kicked out.

But the news hasn’t gone down well with many on social media – who are demanding to know why they are still in the UK.

Maggie Oliver, a former Greater Manchester Police detective who blew the whistle on the scandal, slammed Ms Patel’s statement.

Commenting on pictures of gang ring-leader Qari Abdul Rauf, 51, walking freely on the streets of Britain, she tweeted: “The Rochdale case continues to expose monumental failures in our so-called Criminal ‘Justice’ system which is broken.

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“Our criminal justice system is a complete disaster.”

Another account said: “A member of Rochdale grooming gang #abdulrauf was meant to be deported after prison. Guess what?

“He’s brazenly walking (the) streets having used legal aid to thwart deportation. Another kick in the teeth for his victims and judicial system.”

The news emerged as a source told the Sun that the home secretary is “straining every sinew” to get the paedophiles deported.

A source told the paper: “The Home Secretary is straining every sinew to get these men deported.

“They are some of the most complex cases the Home Office has seen — but a new immigration plan will help make it easier.”

Under Ms Patel’s tough immigration proposals, the Home Office could boot out members of the gang more quickly and without endless delays at the taxpayer’s expense.

The deportation orders were issued in 2015, but many of the gang members are still living openly in Rochdale and Oldham.

At least one of them renounced his Pakistani citizenship during his trial, it is understood.


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