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For her entire life Renee McAlpin has relied on her mum, Coral, to get around due to a congenital condition restricting her growth and mobility.

They have struggled but managed for decades with a conventional vehicle and utilising a makeshift hoist to lift Renee’s heavy motorised wheelchair in and out of their car, with Coral physically lifting Renee in and out of the passenger’s seat.

Having performed these tasks dutifully and without complaint for more than four decades, Coral has reached a crossroads.

Her ageing car needs updating and, at the age of 70, her back has had enough of the heavy and repetitive lifting.

And to top it off, she now also needs a knee replacement.

Close friend and good samaritan, Brendan Smoother (pictured, above) has set up a Go Fund Me page for Coral and Renee, in the hope that enough money can be raised to help the pair to buy a new vehicle able to be modified for their use.

“The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has assessed Renee as being eligible for full wheelchair access modifications to their vehicle. However, they require the vehicle to be new (or near new) to qualify for the hugely expensive modifications (much like a wheelchair access taxi),” explains Brendan.

“This is understandable as they would want to get as much life and value out of the vehicle as possible and converting a 16 year old car such as their current Toyota Tarago would not be viable,” he says.

“Of course Coral and Renee are pensioners and as you can imagine can not afford a $50,000 new car.

“So how do they make this happen? With us! We can all help by giving. By many of us giving a modest affordable amount we can raise the funds to ease the burden and make the lives of two battlers a whole lot better.

“Remember, giving is good for the soul. Personally, I can’t wait to see Renee drive her wheelchair straight up a ramp and easily lock into the front passenger position of their new family car.

“Way less arduous and way more dignified. Can You Help Out?”

To donate to Coral and Renee’s Go Fund Me Page, simply click on this link.


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