Mayor of Kincardine announces sudden resignation

Effective Friday Anne Eadie will no longer be Mayor of Kincardine.

It was announced Thursday that Eadie has submitted her resignation after 10 years in municipal government.

A statement released by the Municipality of Kincardine did not give a reason for her sudden resignation.

Eadie issued the following statement as part of the release from the municipality:

“My wish for the community that I love is that we continue to build on our strengths, support each other in times of celebration and need, and all move forward in a positive manner to make this an even better place for present and future generations to live in.”

Eadie was first elected at Deputy Maypr om 2010, she was then elected Mayor in 2014 and again in 2018.

Before her time in Kincardine she was a member of the Huron-Kinloss Council.

The absence of a Mayor the Deputy Mayor will assume the responsibilities and powers of the Mayor.

Options for filling the vacancy will be discussed at a future council meeting.


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