Rejuvenation project in downtown Midland enters final phase

The end to a multi-year project in the heart of Midland, Ont., is coming as construction enters its final phase.

According to the town’s mayor, Stewart Strathearn, the $15 million rejuvenation project of the downtown is on schedule and will be completed by the end of May.

“I’m hoping what we see is pièce de résistance which would be people,” said Strathearn.

Above ground, the rejuvenation project will see new crosswalks, widened sidewalks and moveable parking spaces. This feature will allow businesses to move their patios and merchandise outside.

“We’re a small town, and we just want to be open to service them,” said Georgian Bakery owner Geoff White.

White said he’s excited for the potential surge in business once the pandemic subsides. However, he added the recent stay-at-home order and the street closure for the rejuvenation project had led to 75 per cent revenue losses at his bakery. “We are kind of running on fumes, but it is nice to have the street,” said White.

The downtown business owner said the road closed sign was pushing potential customers from venturing down the street.

White recently took to social media, creating a contest around the newly installed bike racks.

“I said the first person or couple who come down and use the bike racks get a free loaf of bread,” said White.

Over the next few weeks, the town said it would be putting the finishing touches on the rejuvenation project, including planting trees, placing outdoor furniture along King Street, and displaying street art.


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