YouTuber tracks friend’s date at Diamondbacks game, captivates Twitter

We’ve all been in this situation — your friend is on a date and you really want to know how it’s going. But you need them to answer you!

Well, Connor Buckley, aka “BuckArmy,” took matters into his own hands on Saturday — and in a very public way during the Arizona Diamondbacks game. Buckley simply wanted to see how his friend’s date was going, so he tweeted at the Diamondbacks to check in on them at the game.

A search ensued.

After some investigating, they found him!

The D-backs were kind enough to post the full back-and-forth:

And the friend on the date even chimed in:

Finally, we got to the most important question: will there be a third date??

The D-backs tweeted they gave them a couple of game-used baseballs to remember the occasion. No pressure!


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