Expert working groups established for FIS CC spring meetings

Every spring, the FIS Cross-Country Committees and its Sub-Committees meet and discuss the current topics around the development of Cross-Country skiing. Upon approval by the Cross-Country Executive Board mid-April, the path leading up to this years discussions was adapted to ensure an efficient approach when it comes to decisions that will impact the coming season and onwards.

In order to discuss inputs from a wider field of involved and experts, so called “expert working groups” gathered for the first time between 27th and 30th April via online call ahead of the committee meetings. Thanks to active exchange with the respective members – including athletes, coaches, national ski federations, organizers, TV and more – essential topics to submit to the respective committees were defined. The Cross-Country sub committees will now meet in the upcoming two weeks to work out final proposals which will be submitted to the World Cup and Cross-Country committee and eventually need to be approved by the FIS Council.

Upcoming subjects around current matters of the World Cup rules, competition rules as well as the race calendar were discussed thoroughly, with suggestions made for these spring meetings, that could be implemented for the next season. All expert working groups also review possible long-term perspectives and next goals, which will be discussed further and introduced to the committees in due course. A special focus lies in the long-term calendar planning, the development of the race formats as well as the promotion of the sport.

The approach with the expert working group proved a valuable tool and will be continued throughout summer towards the FIS autumn meetings and further, in regards to the topics to be discussed.

The Cross-Country World Cup & Continental Cup Committee as well as the Cross-Country Committee will meet online on the 20th and 21st May and submit the respective proposals to the FIS Council for final approval. FIS Cross-Country will inform about the proposals in due time.


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