Labour disaster as Keir Starmer faces ‘hard-left coup’ if he loses Hartlepool by-election

On Thursday voters across the UK go to the polls in Boris Johnson’s biggest electoral test since the 2019 general election. Elections are being held in Scotland, Wales, London and for many English local councils.

According to the Mail on Sunday Sir Keir could face coup attempts from both left-wing and right-wing labour factions if the party loses the key Hartlepool by-election.

Polling indicates the Conservatives could take the seat which would be another gain from the traditionally labour supporting “red wall”.

Labour held the seat in 2019 but against a pro-Brexit vote split between the Tories and Brexit Party.

With the Brexit Party no longer standing and its successor, Reform UK, polling much lower the Conservatives think they have a chance to take the seat.

Labour insiders told the Mail this could trigger an attempt to remove Sir Keir from both left and right factions within the party.

Sir Keir infuriated the Labour left when he suspended former leader Jeremy Corbyn over his reaction to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report into anti-Semitism within the party.

Though Mr Corbyn has since regained his Labour membership he has not been allowed to resume sitting with the party in Parliament.

Appearing on the Popular Show podcasts Karie Murphy, formerly one of Mr Corbyn’s top aides, revealed the Labour left is mobilising in a move that could topple Sir Keir.

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Describing Sir Keir Ms Murphy added: “People opted for someone in my view who was kind of masquerading.

“That’s democracy. People have the right to make that decision. I wish they hadn’t.”

In practical terms Ms Murphy said “quite far advanced arrangements” have been made for a “new left” to launch within the labour movement.

However speaking to the Mail on Sunday allies of Sir Keir branded the comments “delusional”.

Mr Corbyn led Labour to its worse election defeat since 1935 in 2019.

Labour lost a swath of heartland working-class seats to the Tories in the English north and midlands.

This gave Boris Johnson a parliamentary majority and led to Britain finally leaving the EU in January 2020.

On Thursday voters will go to the polls for elections in Scotland, Wales, London and numerous English council regions.

In London polling shows Labour’s Sadiq Khan is likely to secure re-election for a second term.

Labour is hoping to replace the Scottish Conservatives as the official opposition in Scotland.



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