‘No, no, no!’ Dominic Raab hits back at the BBC’s Andrew Marr in fierce Brexit clash

The Foreign Secretary clashed with Andrew Marr after the BBC presenter challenged the Government over promises made regarding the impact of Brexit on the Irish border. Marr pressed Mr Rabb that Northern Ireland had been assured that the Brexit protocol would find unfettered access to the UK market. The BBC host put it to Mr Raab that Boris Johnson’s government had not kept their promise to secure the free flow of goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain.

“The truth is you have not delivered on that promise,” said Marr.

The interviewer attempted to interrupt Mr Raab but the cabinet Minister was determined to get his point across, saying: ‘No, no, no!’

“There are tensions clearly in the Northern Ireland protocol between protecting the integrity of the single market which the Europeans want.

“And protecting the integrity of the market between GB and Northern Ireland and the question is how that is reconciled in practice.”

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