9 of the best Away suitcases and travel accessories we’ve tested

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  • Away makes some of our favorite luggage and travel accessories.
  • Offerings go far beyond classic suitcases and include totes, packing cubes, pet carriers, and more.
  • We rounded up our favorite Away luggage pieces, all based on first-hand testing.
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First founded in 2015, Away luggage has become a staple among millennial travelers in particular thanks to the brand’s sleek designs, smart added features like TSA-approved removable chargers, and Instagram-worthy color options from pale pink to coastal blue.

Away makes some of the best carry-ons, but the brand has also expanded its offerings far beyond classic suitcases. From totes to pet carriers, Away has a wide range of chic and useful bags and travel accessories to consider. 

With the CDC announcing that US travel is safe for fully vaccinated individuals and talk of the EU reopening to US tourists this summer, now is a particularly great time to consider investing in luggage you can use on that upcoming trip. Plus, with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduations all just around the corner, Away luggage makes for an excellent gift idea

We pulled together the best Away luggage and travel accessories worthy of your consideration — all put to the test by our team of trusted product experts and travelers.

Here are some of the best Away suitcases and travel accessories:


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