Winnipeg officer stabbed with hypodermic needle with unknown substance: police

A Winnipeg police officer was stabbed with a hypodermic needle containing an unknown substance, according to police.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. when officers were patrolling by Main Street and William Avenue.

According to police, the officers noticed a man inside a bus shelter with a syringe. They noted that other people were waiting outside the bus shelter in the rain and appeared to be afraid to enter due to the man’s behaviour.

Winnipeg police said officers tried to talk with the man, but allege he pointed the syringe — with a hypodermic needle in place — at the officers and behaved aggressively.

Police said the man allegedly attacked the officers after he was asked to drop the syringe.

According to police, an officer was stabbed with the hypodermic needle, which contained an unknown substance.

Police said officers tried to use a Taser on the man, but he tried to take the device. As the struggle continued, police said officers used the Taser again and took the man into custody.

Tyler Joseph Myerion, 27, has been charged with resisting a peace officer, disarming a peace officer, two counts of assault of a peace officer, and two counts of assault of a peace officer with a weapon. None of these charges have been proven in court.

Police note the officer who was stabbed received medical attention.


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