Hartlepool election odds: Tories on track for historic win as Labour’s red wall crumbles

“Meanwhile, Labour are 11/4 (26 percent) to retain the seat they won by just under 3,000 votes in the 2019 general election.”

The Labour Party believes its core supporters are holding up well with support in this election, but it’s increasingly concerned about the volatile undecided voters.

Hartlepool’s Corrine Winwood, 39, told the Guardian she believed the Conservatives would finally snag Hartlepool for the first time, saying: “The town is full of people who are fed up and have had enough and want a change, and they will try make that change any way they can.”

Labour lost a staggering 60 seats in the last general election, largely understood to be due to huge divisions between London and the rest of the country as well as a lack of understanding of the electorate and its changing needs.

Jeremy Corbyn, the party leader before Sir Keir, was another reason for Labour’s downfall in recent years as his lack of popularity outside metropolitan London cost Labour very dearly.


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