Iconic Midland tour boat being rehomed in Tobermory, Ont.

For four decades, the Miss Midland has been a tourist attraction around the 30,000 Islands, but the iconic boat has been sold and will set sail for new attractions.

Midland’s deputy mayor says locals will miss the passenger boat. “All good things must come to an end,” says Mike Ross. “Miss Midland has probably been our best-known resident.”

For many locals, the tour boat provided an added boost to the downtown economy. “It kept the downtown very busy for at least four to five months,” says Phil Karpathios.

The long-time owners, the Dubeau family, have attempted to sell the boat since 2018 with no luck until recently.

Michael Lee,Tobermory Cruise Line Inc., purchased the 300-seat boat for $700,000 and plans to rename it the Tobermory Legacy.

“We will be offering cruises out through the islands near Flowerpot and down near the Cove Island and down to the Grotto and have lunch and dinner options,” Lee says.

Lee hopes to have the Tobermory Legacy up and running by the summer.

Meanwhile, Ross is hopeful a boating company will come forward to fill Miss Midland’s vacant space at the docks.


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