Sadiq Khan: Labour hits back as expert claims Mayor is likely to up Congestion Charge

The comments were made after FairFuelUK founder Howard Cox attacked Mr Khan’s proposals to reduce the Congestion Charge from its current £15 rate to its previous £11.50 charge. Prices were increased by the London mayor in June last year as “temporary” measures to help the recovery from the pandemic.

“But don’t open the champagne yet. When he wins with the backing of the Lycra set, which he surely will, he’ll up it again probably by even more.”

However, the comments were rebuked by Labour who called the claims “complete nonsense”.

They said the Mayor had “no plans” to increase the charge and backed the Tory Government for last year’s increases.

A London Labour spokesperson said: “London Labour spokesperson said: “This is complete nonsense. Sadiq has no plans to increase the price of the congestion charge.

He has also mooted a new Outer London Borough charge, which could see those travelling into the capital forced to pay £5.50 per day.

Mr Khan has threatened to introduce the policy if he does not get access to £500million in Vehicle Excise Duty paid by London drivers.

However, money generated from VED goes straight to the Treasury with no other councils in the UK receiving the income.


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