Meteor shower like no other set to rain down this weekend – Australian Seniors News

A spectacular meteor shower is expected to rain down this weekend in a light show so brilliant it will be visible right across Australia, say local astronomers.

Astronomer Dr Brad Tucker from The Australian National University said the meteor shower will be made up of rock and ice broken off Halley’s Comet.  

“These chunks of ice and rock hurtle through space at incredible speed and then burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere,” Dr Tucker said.  

“It makes for an incredible display of streaking, bright lights and is one of the best meteor showers you will see all year.”

He said the meteor shower will be visible right across Australia, with 15 to 20 shooting stars per hour in city locations expected.  

“Look toward the east and the sky should be putting on a show for you. You’ll also notice two bright objects in the sky which are the planets Saturn and Jupiter.”

“And you don’t need a telescope. Look up, and let your eyes soak in the display. 
Those wanting to enjoy the best show should set their alarm clocks to go off early.   

“The best time to see the meteors will be from 2:30am to 3am local time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” Dr Tucker said.  
“There will be a thin crescent Moon in sky but it won’t be that bright, which means the sky should be pretty nice and dark.   

“Looking further away from the Moon will allow you to see fainter meteors.”


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