SpaceX Starship launch: What time is the backup window for the SN15 launch today?

fans worldwide gathered around their computer screens on Tuesday, waiting for Starship to blast off into the skies. Unfortunately, the launch got scrubbed without due notice, most likely due to poor weather in the launch area. Brady Kenniston, a launch photographer for NASASpaceflight, tweeted: “Starship SN15 scrubbed its flight attempt due to weather.

“Its next attempt is scheduled for no earlier than May 5, 2021.

“Although it didn’t fly, SN15 did wiggle its flaps.”

Aerospace and launch photographer Jack Beyer also tweeted: “Starship SN15 is ready and waiting with flaps extended for its chance to fly (and hopefully land without exploding) – but it won’t be today, launch has been scrubbed.”

Starship SN15 is only the fifth full-scale prototype to launch from SpaceX’s Boca Chica facility in South Texas.

To date, SpaceX has launched the Starship SN8, SN9, SN10 and SN11 – all of which were blown up on the launch pad.

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Starship SN10 came closest to acing its first test flight as it managed to touch back down in one piece after soaring to a height of 32,000ft (10km).

But the rocket was damaged in the process and just eight minutes after landing was blown to smithereens when a methane leak ignited.

SpaceX fans are now desperate to see the SN15 model perform.

One person said on Twitter: “SN15 is a cursed rocket. I just want to watch this thing land and if it goes tomorrow I probably won’t get to see it Disappointed face.”

And another person said: “Hopefully we’ll see #SN15 launch (and land Crossed fingers) soon! #dearMoonCrew”

SpaceX has also issued an evacuation notice to the residents of Boca Chica village, citing public safety concerns.

Mary, a Boca Chica resident and NASASpaceflight member, tweeted: “Alert notice delivered and road/beach closure has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 5. #WenHop ?”

Launch alerts instruct people in the vicinity of SpaceX’s facility to leave their homes 10 minutes before liftoff.

Each launch carries a risk of an “overpressure event” that could blow out and windows.

And the last four Starship launches have already proven very explosive.

The notice reads: “Therefore, in order to protect Public Health and Safety, it is recommended that you consider temporarily vacating yourself, other occupants, and pets, from the area during the Space Flight Activities.

“At a minimum, you must exit your home or structure and be outside of any building on your property when you hear the police sirens, which will be activated at the time of the Space Flight Activities.

“Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.”


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