Elvis Presley: The Lisa Marie possessions from Graceland’s upstairs now on display

Graceland’s upstairs is something of a mystery to Elvis Presley fans who visit the mansion. When The King first moved there in 1957, he had a privacy wall installed on the landing with a couple of one-way mirrors. Since opening for tours in 1982, the upstairs has remained off-limits as it does to this day because it was Elvis’ private sanctuary and also where he died.

Among the rooms upstairs at Graceland is Elvis’ bedroom with a gigantic bed and the bathroom where he had a fatal heart attack in 1977.

There’s also The King’s office and his daughter Lisa Marie’s childhood bedroom.

And now a couple of possessions from her nursery are actually on display downstairs for fans to see.

Located across the road from the mansion is Elvis Presley’s Memphis, an entertainment complex featuring a number of museum exhibits including one on Lisa Marie herself.

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On display at the Lisa Marie exhibit are an adult rocking chair and a matching smaller version for a child.

These are Priscilla and her daughter’s seats that used to sit in the nursery upstairs at Graceland.

Interestingly, Elvis’ desk from his upstairs office is also on display downstairs in the Trophy Room next door to the mansion.

It was famously gifted to The King in 1961 by his record company RCA for selling a million copies of his film soundtrack Blue Hawaii.

This means Graceland’s upstairs has things like a styrofoam cup sitting on a bookshelf and also the last vinyl Elvis played still in the record player.

It turns out the last piece of music The King listened to was a fresh recording of JD Sumner and the Stamps.

Sumner was an American gospel singer known for his bass vocals and The Stamps ended up singing at Elvis’ funeral on August 18, 1977.

There’s also a ton of books up there as Elvis was an avid reader on a variety of subjects.

On a recent virtual live tour of Graceland, archivist Angie Marchese said: “There are some [books] in his bedroom. We have a lot of them in the archives.

“But everything that was upstairs when he passed is still upstairs on the bookshelves in his office and in his bedroom.

“Everything that is upstairs is still catalogued where it was found and it’s still there. So the records, the books – all of that is still upstairs.”

While the book Elvis was reading when he died on the toilet was A Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus by Frank O Adams.


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