Stephen Colbert Roasts Jeff Bezos for His ‘Support Yacht’

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Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has purchased a new superyacht so large, it requires a second support yacht with a helipad.

“The pandemic has been a boom time for billionaires, and they are using their profits to give back to hard-hit communities, as long as those communities build giant, shiny new yachts,” Colbert joked on Tuesday night.

“Mayor De Blasio announced a list of incentives to get people vaccinated, including free food, free tickets to events and the opportunity for one lucky vaccinee to be starting quarterback for the New York Jets this season.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Because if there’s one thing everybody thinks in the subway, it’s, ‘I wish I could have a medical procedure down here.’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“There won’t be a need for a follow-up appointment, because officials will use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the stations. Sure, they say that, but halfway through, they’ll switch to Moderna for no reason, and then you’ll have to get off at 14th Street to wait for another shot.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Michelle Obama followed in her husband’s wake, taking on Stephen Colbert in a game of wastepaper basketball during her “Late Show” interview.

Lisa Kudrow will appear on Wednesday night’s “Conan.”


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