WATCH: Russia intercepts French jets over Black Sea as country detects four foreign military aircraft near border in just one day

A Russian Su-30 fighter jet was sent into the air over the Black Sea on Tuesday to escort three French military aircraft, on a day that saw the country’s Air Force deal with two incidents of foreign planes close to its border.

The Black Sea is a strategically important body of water, and borders Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine, as well as Russia.

According to Russia’s Ministry of Defence, two Mirage 2000 tactical aircraft and one C-135 aerial refueling tanker were detected flying in neutral airspace in the direction of the country’s frontier, causing Russia to send a jet to escort the planes over the Black Sea.

“The flight of the Russian aircraft was carried out in strict compliance with international rules of airspace,” the ministry explained. “There was no violation of the Russian state border.”

Shortly afterwards, over the Barents Sea in Russia’s far north, the Air Force was again called into action, when a Norwegian Orion patrol plane was seen heading towards the country. In that instance, Russia deployed a MiG-31 fighter jet from the air defense forces of the Northern Fleet.

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Russia’s Air Force is regularly deployed to escort foreign military aircraft near the country’s airspace. In 2020 alone, the Russian defense ministry detected an estimated 2,900 combat aircraft and 1,100 spy planes that came close to its borders.

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