‘Don’t call me Dave!’ Prince William jokes with teenagers during Royal outing

The Duke and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, made an appearance at The Way Wolverhampton Youth Zone. During the royal appearance, William met 14-year-old Keisha Riley, youth ambassador for the HeadStart programme.

Ms Riley, after meeting William and Kate, asked the Duke what he would like to be called.

In response, the Duke jokingly said: “My name, which is William.

“If you call me Dave, I probably won’t answer.”

Carla Priddon, the chief executive of The Way Wolverhampton Youth Zone, said it was her favourite part of the royal visit.

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While visiting the West Midlands youth project, William also cracked jokes about feeling old.

He said: “We are still calling ourselves young, but we are not.”

The Duke also joined year 7 pupils taking part in an exercise about mental health, the nature and outdoors, joking again: “I don’t see myself as that young any more. I’m nearly 40.”

The Duchess of Cambridge will turn 40 next January – five months ahead of university sweetheart William.


The same day, William and Kate visited Base 25 in Wolverhampton city centre to meet staff and clients of the charity.

Alan Jarvis, head of service, told the royal visitors: “Our service has changed to adapt to the needs of young people.

“We never closed any of our services and we saw a sharp increase in people committing self-harm and being targeted for child sexual exploitation.”

William and Kate also met schoolchildren who have been taking part in outdoor activities with youth workers and therapists.

Told they had even tried “magnet fishing” in the local canal, William laughed, “Crikey!”


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