No stopping Boris! Tories surge 15 points ahead as Labour fall further behind: ‘Woeful!’

New research from YouGov shows the Tories now have a 15-point lead over the opposition party and have gained two percentage points since last week. The poll results published on Friday put the Conservative party on 45 percent ahead of Labour on 30 percent, the Greens on 8 percent and the Liberal Democrats on 7 percent.

Reform UK, formerly the Brexit Party, gained just 2 percent of votes.

The results put Mr Johnson’s party two points ahead of their support level recorded in a similar survey on May 5, while Labour appeared to have dropped by three points since then.

Responding to the poll results, Twitter users said if Labour continued to shed support at this rate it would suffer massive losses in a general election.

One man wrote: “Realistically Labour can’t have Starmer lead them in a GE right?

“I mean, it’s a guaranteed loss surely.”

A second person said: “The centrists will have some fun defending this poll.

“Fifteen points behind?! This is woeful.”

And yet a third wrote: “I totally get why Labour are polling so low, but also who is looking at the current government and thinking ‘yes we want more of that!’

“I’d have thought a third party would be rocketing.”

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Mr Corbyn, now sitting as an independent MP, told ITV News’s Calling Peston podcast: “I think it’s a bit rich to start blaming me for stuff that’s been done over the past year that I’ve had absolutely no part of whatsoever.

“I do think that dumping on somebody because they’re not there anymore is a bit weak really.”

He attributed some of the losses to “disillusioned Labour voters” heading to the Green Party because they feel “the opposition has not been strong enough against the Government”.

The Tories’ win in the Hartlepool by-election was seen as a major feat for Mr Johnson.

The prime minister celebrated the victory by giving a speech under a giant blow-up doll depicting himself.

Jill Mortimer became the first Tory MP to be elected to represent the constituency since its creation in 1974.

She defeated Labour rival Paul Williams by nearly 7,000 votes.

Mr Johnson sought to capitalise on the win in a bid to get more support from northern voters after smashing Labour’s so-called “Red Wall” in the December 2019 election.

On a walkabout in Hartlepool with Ms Mortimer, he said her win was a “mandate for us to continue to deliver” for the northeast of England and the rest of the nation.

The YouGov poll was conducted from May 11 to 12, with a total of 1,647 British adults taking part. 


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