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George Clooney’s wife Amal channelled Kate Middleton on wedding day

The movie star‘s relationship with the Royal Family was laid bare after he and Amal were invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s spectacular wedding three years ago. The couple partied with other guests including Prince William, Idris Elba and James Corden, and reports from the time claim George even had a dance with Kate. And it appeared that when George and Amal would walk down the aisle, Kate’s influence on the bride’s wedding dress was clear to see.

On both Kate and Amal’s wedding days, the brides wore dresses made with Sophie Hallette lace.

Sophie Hallette is one of the world’s oldest lace factories, based in Caudry, France.

They provide stunning lace that can be used in a variety of outfits, and on Amal and Kate’s wedding days helped bring their gowns to life.

But when it came to their inclusion on Kate’s wedding dress, Maud Lescroart – the marketing manager of Sophie Hallette – recalled how they had been unaware it was set to be used.

Speaking in 2012, after Kate’s spectacular union to William the year before, she said: “I wasn’t even thinking about the wedding – I was on my way to a fashion festival in the south of France that day.

“At about 11am, I received a picture message of the dress from a friend: ‘Isn’t that your lace?’

“I looked at it on my BlackBerry and thought: ‘Oh my gosh, it really resembles our lace!'”

At the time, it was unclear where the lace had actually come from, with some reports claiming it was either English Cluny lace or French Chantilly lace.

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Amal’s wedding dress was created by Oscar de la Renta, and she wore it during her ceremony to George in 2014.

More recently, George spoke out about his experience at Meghan and Harry’s wedding in 2018, but was quick dismiss that he had been dancing – although Amal said otherwise.

While at the American Film Institute in the Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre, the 60-year-old said: “There were a lot of stories, I heard I danced with… everybody.”

Amal then added: “Yeah… the bride…”

And George then added: “Yeah, I didn’t dance, I didn’t. There wasn’t beer pong. I heard there was beer pong, no beer pong.”

Famed tennis star Serena Williams also discussed the wedding, and described to reporters at the French Open after the wedding of her delight over how the event was hosted, and the influences shown throughout.

She said: “It was all really exciting to see so much African-American culture impacted in the wedding.”

She continued: “I was really happy Meghan wanted to incorporate that into it. I think it was just a whole cultural shift and change. It was seeing how far African-Americans have come. I thought it was an incredibly inspiring and beautiful and really motivating thing.”


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