Judy Garland age: How old would Judy Garland be if she were alive?

They ran a movie theatre in the area, but soon her parents noticed her amazing performance skills when she took to the stage at her family theatre, and she began performing with her sisters in a new act, The Gumm Sisters.

They relocated to Lancaster, California, where her father ran another theatre while Ethel, Judy’s mother, began managing her and her sisters.

While she and her sisters performed, she took the name Judy Garland, and they worked as the Garland sisters for some time before Judy got her own contract with MGM in 1935, aged just 13-years-old.

From there, she starred in a huge amount of films, but she claimed she was given drugs to keep her up and awake as well as sleeping pills to help her sleep, which developed a dependency later in life, though some of her co-stars disputed this.


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