Letters to the Editor — June 13, 2021

Fix mask hysteria
Karol Markowicz succinctly captures the irrationality that has large numbers of people who are vaccinated against COVID still behave as though they are in mortal danger of contracting the disease every time they step into a public place (“Please, NY: Unmask,” June 9).

In my neighborhood, I know several dozen vaccinated people who are still wearing masks and gloves and, in some cases, shields whenever they go outside, if they go outside.

They have stopped looking at the evidence, as Markowicz argues, because they are victims of a mass hysteria created by a media that has drilled fear into the minds of people from day one of the pandemic.

I am over 70, and since I’ve been vaccinated, I go everywhere that I am allowed to without a mask on. I hope people wake up soon and do something to change this climate of fear that threatens to change our lives for the worse for a very long time.

Michael Brucella

Don’t ditch math
The Lab MS for Collaborative Studies’ plan to scrap advanced mathematics courses was another example of the dumbing-down of American students (“School zaps advanced math, sparks division,” June 9).

American students already lag behind students from other countries in the areas of mathematics and science, and getting rid of advanced mathematics courses in the name of equity will make this trend even worse.

It is true that there is a mathematics achievement gap between African Americans and their Caucasian and Asian peers. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on this topic.

Eliminating advanced mathematics courses won’t solve this problem.

How will students who are struggling in mathematics be eased into more advanced areas of math if there is nothing to push them? Also, what about those minority students who do excel in mathematics?

Their aptitude in mathematics will stall if there is nothing more advanced to challenge them. It’s good the Lab MS for Collaborative Studies thought twice. Like many other ideas that were meant to help the disenfranchised, this would have caused more harm than help.

James K. Johnson

Gay’s flag fear
MSNBC contributer Mara Gay was disturbed to see American flags flown by supporters of President Trump (“NBCer’s distress at flags,” June 9).

It is an American flag. We are all Americans. People like her encourage the division in this country that keeps politicians in office. Division has never been more apparent, perpetrated by President Biden and his crew.

It is a sad day when an American flag is disturbing to any American. However, Gay needs a reminder of what that flag stands for: We have the freedom to fly this flag because Americans of all colors fought for that right. She is a disgrace.

Maureen Sharkey

Tax leak tyranny
The leaking of confidential tax information to ProPublica magazine is a federal crime that should be troubling to everyone (“The Outrage of Tax Leaks,” Editorial, June 9).

Whether it was the Lois Lerner-led IRS targeting conservative groups or Richard Nixon trying to enlist the IRS to go after his political enemies, politicizing an agency to achieve policy goals is an egregious abuse of the public trust.

An investigation should be conducted with all available resources and rigor to find out who is behind this leak and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. These are the practices of a totalitarian state, not a constitutional republic.

Peter Kelly
Hazlet, NJ

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