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Analysis | The 7 Marvel movies you should see before ‘Black Widow’

In the first mega MCU team-up featuring all of the original Avengers, Black Widow gets a close-up moment against the movie’s big bad guy, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) — who is now starring in his own Disney Plus series. Thor’s sneaky brother is being held captive by the Avengers after plotting to take over Earth. This is Black Widow’s deep background scene, where she reveals to Loki that she, too, was once the bad guy, so much so she was on the radar of the good guys she now works with. She’s an assassin trying to clean the old blood off her hands through heroic deeds. Loki, being the God of Mischief that he is, pounces on Black Widow’s emotional reveal, but instead of getting an advantage, he accidentally reveals a key part of his evil plan — just as Black Widow wanted him to. The exchange proved that even without superpowers, Black Widow could hold her own against the most powerful supervillains.


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