Letters to the Editor — July 17, 2021

The Issue: Massive demonstrations in Cuba protesting the country’s Communist government.

There should be no question about where our two political parties stand on Cuba, nor about which US political party wants to change America into a similarly socialist and undemocratic society (“GOP­­ers put Joe on spot over unrest,” July 16).

The Democrat showed their hand by blaming the first significant protest against Cuba’s oppressive communist regime in over 60 years on former President Donald Trump.

Even the most indoctrinated partisan American citizen has to know what is at stake, not just for Cuba but for the United States — and that is freedom and liberty.

Charles Michael Sitero
Ormond Beach, Fla.

A simple solution for those members of Black Lives Matter and other progressives voicing support for the Cuban government would be to simply trade places with Cubans who are fed up with dictatorship.

This would also assuage the Biden administration, in that it would represent a net zero gain in migration, which it claims is an issue regarding Cubans who want to come to the United States.

Mark J. Hartwig
Livingston, Mt.

My grandparents were vacationing in beautiful, glamorous Cuba during the days of the violent takeover.

At serious risk of capture and imprisonment, they had to frantically charter a return home to their young children and family business at home in New York.

My 95-year-old grandmother has never stopped talking about the natural beauty of Cuba and unbelievable friendliness and work ethic of the Cuban people. Her stories are legendary to all generations in our family.

She greatly appreciated and enjoyed the culture and flavor that Cuban immigrants brought to Miami when she spent the winters there in younger decades.

My family stands with the Cuban people asserting their God-given rights to freedom and democracy.

Anyone denying the humanitarian crisis or refusing to acknowledge Cubans’ present-day fight against the time-tested evils of communism should wallow in shame.

Noelle Albanese
New Rochelle

Homeland Security Sec­retary Alejandro Mayorkas (who is himself a Cuban immigrant) this week told Cubans that the American border is closed to them if they attempt to flee their communist totalitarian island for the United States, as he did.

This led to immediate cries of hypocrisy from Biden’s critics, since our southern border is currently wide open and being flooded with Central and South American immigrants, but there is really nothing inconsistent about this at all.

According to a Pew Research poll of US Hispanic voters, 58 percent of Cuban immigrants leaned Republican while 65 percent of non-Cuban Hispanic immigrants leaned Democrat.

In light of these numbers, this policy direction makes perfect sense.

Nick McNulty
Windham, NH

According to Secretary Mayorkas, Cuban asylum-seekers trying to reach the United States by sea will be intercepted by the Coast Guard and immediately returned to their home country.

If they get interviews with US officials, they will not set foot on our soil, regardless of the outcome of their screenings.

Cancun is almost as close to Cuba as Florida is. Cartel coyotes, astute businessmen that they are, have no doubt recognized that this means new economic opportunities.

Can Mayorkas successfully throw a wet blanket on the development of a growth in the coyote industry with his travel policy?

Julia Lutch
Davis, Calif.

Every time she opens her mouth, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reiterates what an imbecile she really is.

She spoke up regarding the Communist government in Cuba and stated that it is the United States’ fault that the Cuban people are suffering under this regime.

She should try and educate herself. What an imbecile.

Gene O’Brien

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