Video: De Blasio Says He Won’t Mandate Masks to Fight Delta Variant

Reporter: “Due to the challenge with Delta variant, do you expect or do you support any executive order to enforce mandatory mask-wearing indoors and outdoors in New York City?” “No — simple answer, no. We’ve got, again, 4.8 million New Yorkers who have had at least one vaccine dose. That number grows thousands and thousands of people every day. That’s the ballgame. That’s where we make the impact. The thing that actually stops Covid, not the thing that masks — you know, masks have value, unquestionably, but masks are not going at the root of the problem. Vaccination is, so we do not intend mask mandate. We do intend to double down on vaccination.” “It now makes up about 69 percent of the cases that we’re sequencing. But our concern is primarily for people who remain unvaccinated, which is why the single most important thing that we can do to keep individuals, as well as our communities, our city, safe is to get as many people vaccinated as possible. I do also want to clarify that there are some settings where the mask mandate, particularly indoors, remains in effect. This includes public transit. It includes schools and other high-risk settings like our congregate settings and in health care facilities. And in those places, we do want people to continue wearing their masks regardless of their vaccination status. But as the mayor has said, the key to our getting out of this pandemic is vaccination.”


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