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Review | ‘Mythic Ocean’: Playing nice with the gods

As the steward of the world-birthing process, it is up to you to chat with the gods. By challenging or reinforcing their perception of themselves and their surroundings, you lay the groundwork for the world that one of them will create, and the others will play a role in shaping. Should you desire to anoint one the creator of the new world, you can tip the scales in the favor of your choice by locating portals hidden throughout the ocean that lead to a library. Nestled in the stacks are pages from a book that offer insight into the ocean. In exchange for ten pages, Elil will give you a crown which you can give one of the gods to swing the odds in their favor. In total, there are eighteen pages available to retrieve. The more pages you give Elil, the more likely your choice will assume the reigns of creation.


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