Letters to the Editor — July 24, 2021

The Issue: Eric Adams’ plan to change the names of city streets and buildings that honor slave owners.

Removing slave owners’ names from street signs, buildings and parks and the removal of statues will not erase our history (“Adams eyes city slavery name changes,” July 17).

It will only appease the members of the woke movement, of which it appears Eric Adams is a member.

Robert Neglia

The Bronx

Before Adams starts changing street signs because they bear the names of slave owners, he should clean up the crime throughout this once-great city.

Mike Santavicca


How could Adams possibly think about renaming streets and buildings when New York City has so many other immediate priorities?

If he wants to be taken seriously as the next mayor (let’s hope this won’t happen), then he needs to show that he is not aligned with the politically correct and woke mob who have been on this name-changing kick for the past few years.

And who does he think will bear the costs of this massive undertaking? Changing the names of streets and buildings will only create more confusion and inconvenience. And it’s a big waste of time. Adams, who already thinks he’s mayor, is off to a poor start.

J.J. Crovatto

Ramsey, NJ

Let’s stop nonsense about slave owners of 200 years ago. That was the norm for that period and shouldn’t have any bearing on today’s thinking.

As far as I can see, people of color and women have progressed and are still progressing in all fields of endeavor.

Adams wanting to rename city streets is beyond the pale. I don’t think New York citizens view them as racist or even give it a second thought. This is just race-baiting, political nonsense and a tip of the hat to woke groups.

John F. Rossano


The presumptive next New York City mayor, Adams, wants to change some names of streets and other locations because of their association with slavery.

I guess he’ll have to start with the city he wants to govern — because both the state and the city are named after the then Duke of York, who was a slave trader in the 1600s.

John Ketelsen

Ocean, NJ

The Issue: Reports that President Biden is considering urging vaccinated Americans to mask again.

President Biden is now considering a new mask mandate because COVID cases are rising again (“Joe may mask us again,” July 23).

Instead of penalizing everyone, why doesn’t he do what President Emmanuel Macron did in France?

There you must show proof of being vaccinated in order to enter a restaurant, movie theater, sporting event, etc.

This will give those who aren’t yet vaccinated more incentive to get the vaccine, without forcing those who have already followed the guidelines to mask up again. In other words, get the vaccine or become a hermit.

Ted Rallis


I’m on board with what Karol Markowicz said (“No Returning to Dumb,” PostOpinion, July 23).

At this point, more than 60 percent of people have at least one dose of the vaccine. This virus isn’t the potent killer that it once was.

Of course, masking will continue in medical facilities and many private businesses, but other than that, it should disappear.

Masking, for the most part, never made any sense, but we followed the rules. We’re not about to be held captive by stupidity anymore.

Ron Zajicek


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