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New York Post’s ‘Hero of the Day’ series wins New York Press Club Award

The New York Post won the 2021 Rev. Mychal Judge Heart of New York Award from the New York Press Club Friday for its “Hero of the Day” series highlighting essential workers and volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic’s darkest days. 

The award, named after the FDNY chaplain who died during the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, recognizes journalism that uplifts and celebrates New York City and The Post’s Gabrielle Fonrouge snagged the honor for the press club’s newspaper category. 

The series was a team effort involving countless photographers, editors, reporters and producers and was overseen by Post editor Neil Sloane and former editor Ruth Brown. 

The Hero of the Day series started on March 23, 2020, with a story about a Brooklyn charge nurse and ran for 68 days straight both online and in print — profiling a wide spectrum of essential workers, volunteers and average citizens who found ways to do good. 

The Post asked readers to send in their nominations and with their help, had the privilege of sharing stories from a diverse array of heroes that celebrated the many unique ways New Yorkers were giving back and keeping their city alive. 

Elizabeth Douglas, the Nurse Manager of the surgical ICU, neuroscience ICU and critical care float team at NYU Langone Hospital–Brooklyn, seen in photos provided to the Post Monday, March 23, 2020.
Elizabeth Douglas was The Post’s first Hero of the Day.
Elliot Goldstein/NYU Langone Hea
Gabrielle Fonrouge took home the award for The Post.
Reporter Gabrielle Fonrouge took home the award for The Post.
Investigation Discovery

The media company spoke to funeral workers, a hospital mechanic, a plumber, a gravedigger, an out-of-work waitress and a pair of office workers who started donating unused commuting fares to the unemployed. There were teachers, principals, doctors and a hospital janitor who prayed in a broom closet during his brief moments of respite. 

The award will be presented during a virtual event later this summer. 


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