Weight loss: Dr Michael Mosley shares three exercises to help you slim – ‘important’ tip

Weight loss goals can be reached with a good exercise and diet plan. Speaking exclusively to, Dr Michael Mosley has shared advice on exercise.

Dr Mosley told “Today, science has come a long way.

“Studies have shown that in order to lose weight you need to combine three types of activity.

“[These are] high-intensity interval training (HIIT); low-intensity, or ‘incidental’ activity; and resistance training.”

He suggested inactivity can actually increase hunger and ultimately lead to unhealthy food choices.


“Insulin resistance, which leads to raging hunger and all sorts of problems including raised blood sugar levels, often starts with inactivity,” the expert continued.

“If you don’t use your muscles enough then, over time, fat builds up inside the muscle fibres and insulin resistance develops.

“The best way to reverse this is to get more active.”

Being active is a good way to reduce fat and stabilise feelings of hunger.

While there are lots of different workouts available, slimmers do not need to start with an intense regime.

Dr Mosley added taking a short walk is enough to keep hunger levels under control.

“Take short, brisk walks; walking is also a great way to reduce insulin resistance and keep hunger at bay,” he stated.

“The important thing is to make your walking brisk.”

When trying to have an effective workout the most important thing is getting the heart rate up, if it is safe to do so.

He concluded: “The greatest benefit comes from occasionally pushing yourself, getting your heart rate up.

“This can be done while walking, running, swimming or on a bike.

“The idea is that you go as hard as you can for short bursts, no longer than 20 seconds, just enough to get your heart rate going.

“With any exercise regime it is important that you do this properly and build up gradually.

“Check with your doctor first if you have a heart problem or are very inactive.”


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