This is why you have to be good at maths if you want to work with dinosaurs

Of course, maths is a skill that is also utilised when it comes to measuring and understanding the physical forms of dinosaurs.

Mr Lamanna said: “When you study a dinosaur, one of the fundamental things that you do is to measure each bone in the skeleton, often taking several measurements from a single bone.

“Measuring bones can tell us a lot about the dinosaurs that we’re interested in. The size, the weight, the species that they belong to, how fast they’re moving, potentially how old they were when they died.

“Taking accurate measurements is critical in palaeontology. If I mess up the circumference of the femur of a Tyrannosaurus Rex by even 10cm, I could end up with a weight estimate that is either way too big or way too small, so those errors would be magnified once I plug that into the equation.”

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