12 Intriguing Facts About Your Favorite Sport Leagues

Sports leagues are chock full of crazy players, crazy fans, and even crazier facts. Today, we’ll be taking a peek at some of the most noticeable happenings from America’s favorite leagues.

Let’s look at these facts in no particular order while sorting them based on the league in question. We hope you’ll have as much fun reading these facts as much as we’ve enjoyed compiling them.

NHL Facts
National Hockey League? More like Neat Honky Life. Okay, not a great pun, but you’ll get it once you read these facts:

1. The Rubber Puckies
Sounds weird, right? Well, this almost got to be the name of the famous San Jose Sharks. Quite a downgrade if you ask us… but then again, it’s more memorable, so there’s that.

2. The Maple Leafs + Stanley Cup = Fire
That’s right, those crazy guys threw the cup into a fire. You need balls to do that. Or a puck and stick in this case.

3. The Pittsburg Penguins Mascot Used to Be a Genuine Penguin
Now there’s a team who used to own up to its name. You gotta admit, the idea of putting an actual penguin on ice (both literally and figuratively) was pretty darn cool (yeah, pun intended).

NBA Facts
Many of us here are such basketball fanatics that we would install an NBA widget right on our desktop or our phone’s home screen if we could. Just saying.

4. Pau Gasol Could’ve Been a Doctor
Memphis, LA, Chicago, Spain, whatever. This guy’s been ballin’ everywhere. He attended med school only to have the honor of playing alongside legends like Kobe. If only we all had such luck.

5. The Three-Point Shot Didn’t Start in the NBA
The NBA started out as the more tactical brother compared to the now lesser-known ABA. On the opposite end, the ABA was all about flash and style, and that is where the now-famous three-point shot originated.

6. Michael Jordan Wasn’t the First Overall Pick
You might’ve thought that the man who’s considered the best NBA player of all time to be the first overall pick. But no, he was overtaken by Famer Hakeem Olajuwon and the injury-prone Sam Bowie. Guess the Blazers are still plucking their eyes out given the fact that they lost that year to Jordan and the Chicago Bulls respectively.

MLB Facts
With more than 140 years of history, the MLB has given us so many memorable moments but also some lesser-known facts that we will talk about right now.

7. Half Stan, Half Musial
Stan Musial is truly a guy of halves. There’s a rumor going around that he used to top his coffee half and half, but that’s unconfirmed. What is confirmed, however, is that out of a total of 3,630 total hits, 1,815 were at home and 1,815 were on the road.

8. Home Run? More Like Moon Run
Gaylord Perry was so hopeless back in 1963 that he famously declared “They’ll put a man on the moon before I hit a home run.” Well, just 20 minutes after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon on July 20 of that year, Perry hit the only home run of his entire career.

9. Unlucky Home Run Record
Despite scoring 60 home runs in a single season on three separate occasions, Sammy Sosa was just short of winning the home run title in 1998, 1999, and 2001 respectively. He did, however, win the title with far fewer home runs on other occasions.

NFL Facts
Finally, we’re onto the most well-known American football league to ever grace the Earth. Let’s see what we got.

10. Lucky Number 14
In an intriguing turn of events, there have been 14 different rushing champions in the past 17 years before 2015, and another 14 different champions in the 27 years prior to that.

11. There’s Some Big Bucks Over Here
The exclusive rights to broadcast NFL games in 1962 cost CBS $4.65 million (over $40 million in 2020 money). Fox also used to pay $1.15 billion per year in the 2010s, but NBC acquired the right to televise the NFL Championship for under $1 million. While it seems much, that’s only a quarter of what it costs to air a 30-second ad at the 50th Super Bowl.

12. Sammy Baugh, the All-Season Man
He has lead the NFL in defensive, passing, and punting interception in a single season. That’s truly a multitasking man if we’ve ever seen any.

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