Extreme drought conditions in Morden, city calls on residents to cut back on water

The City of Morden is experiencing extreme drought conditions, and is urging residents to cut back on their water use.

In a public notice posted on Friday, the city said the lake it gets its water from is now nearly nine feet below the full supply level. This places the city in extreme drought conditions.

It is calling on residents and businesses in the city to take immediate action to cut back on water usage by 30 per cent.

Among the requested actions, residents are asked to stop watering their lawns and only water their gardens once a week. Residents should not wash their cars, and commercial car washes are told to reduce their hours of operation by 20 per cent.

Pools and splash pads will not be operating, and activities that have water spraying and draining onto a street are not allowed.

For farmers, the city said spraying and irrigation are not permitted from City of Morden sources.

This comes after the city put water restrictions in place in May.

Morden Mayor Brandon Burley previously told CTV News Lake Minnewasta supplies the community of 8,700 with drinking water, and its water level has been dropping.

He said the taps in the city could run dry if the area does not get some rain or snow in the coming months.

-with files from CTV’s Josh Crabb


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