33-year-old fully vaccinated woman reportedly dies from COVID-19 complications in rare, breakthrough case

A mother is grieving the loss of her 33-year-old daughter who was vaccinated against COVID-19 yet still succumbed to the virus on Sunday, according to a report.

Angelle Mosley, described as a “driven business woman,” who had just opened the doors to her first shop, Brave Beautique in June, texted her mom last Thursday saying she wasn’t feeling well, local outlet WDSU reported.


“She said ‘I know I do not have COVID. I still can smell and taste. And I am vaccinated.’ But when she got to the hospital, turns out she had it,” Tara Mosley, Angelle’s mother, told WDSU.

Angelle Mosley, described as a “driven business woman,” had just opened the doors to her first shop, Brave Beautique in June, according to a report.

“Her neighbor brought her at 2 or 3 in the morning. She said, ‘They will keep me because I have pneumonia and a high fever,'” Tara Mosley told the outlet. Mosley got a call from the doctor on Sunday, who said Angelle’s heart rate was falling. Angelle died later that day.

Now, Angelle’s mother said she’s pushing for others to receive vaccines and take preventive steps against infection, like wearing a mask. 


“One of the things that I will say contributed to her death, Angelle was large for her age. She was obese. The variant that is out right now. It is showing us it is really serious. I saw this with my own child’s life,” Mosley told WDSU.

Angelle’s story comes as a highly transmissible delta variant, said to account for at least 83% of sequenced samples in the U.S., is behind rising infections nationwide, and even spurred a reversal in federal health guidance relating to mask use. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now calls for fully vaccinated individuals to don masks in public indoor areas in places with high and substantial viral spread.

Public health experts maintain that the authorized COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective in preventing poor outcomes like hospitalization and death, however rare breakthrough cases are expected. The CDC reports at least 5,914 breakthrough cases (or infection resulting in hospitalization or death in a fully vaccinated individual), with 27% of hospital admissions reported as asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19, and 26% of deaths reported as asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19 against a backdrop of over 161 million fully vaccinated people in the U.S.

Louisiana, where Angelle’s death reportedly occurred, is among nearly two dozen states grappling with high levels of viral transmission, where the CDC recommends fully vaccinated individuals wear masks in public indoor areas.


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