Experts warn drivers of £1,000 fine and penalty points if sun distorts their view

Bright sunlight can cause a strong glare across a car’s windshield which can distort a driver’s view of the road. Motorists should take extra caution as failure to have proper control of a vehicle or full view of the road and traffic ahead could lead to a punishment.

If drivers are found to not have proper control, they could be left with a £1,000 fine and three points on their licence. 

Andy Alderson, CEO and founder of Vanarama, gave a warning to drivers as millions are set to go on holiday this summer.

He said: “With the UK experiencing a heatwave, many people will plan to hit the road to visit summertime attractions.

“However, if drivers are not prepared for driving in bright sunlight, they could put themselves and other road users in danger.

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Before heading out in the car, drivers should clean both the interior and exterior of their car windscreen.

All-weather screen wash is a great option for the summer months.

Leaving extra space between you and the car in front of you is also an alternative.

Slowing down will allow the driver to have more time to assess the situation.

In any circumstance, if drivers feel they do not have full control of the situation, they should pull over when it is safe to do so.

Using a sun visor is also recommended, with drivers advises to familiarise themselves with the visor and know which angles suit them.

If this doesn’t work, polarised sunglasses should always be in the car when the sun visor can’t block all the sun from entering their vision.

Polarised sunglasses help filter out the incoming horizontal light that causes glare and allow in vertical light which improves visibility.

Another way to combat bright sunlight is by getting your windows tinted. 

Getting all your vehicle’s windows tinted costs in total on average £350.

Not only do tinted windows combat bright sunlight they also combat low sun in winter and help keep your car cooler in hot weather.

When going on a long drive, motorists should ensure they plan their routes, so they have scheduled shops.

This will allow drivers to have a break from the bright sunlight and readjust.

Hydration is also key, with drivers being advised to stay well hydrated, especially when there is hot weather.



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