‘A joke!’: DVLA confirms more delays of up to eight weeks for driving licence applications

More than one million driving licence applications have been submitted this year, with thousands still waiting to receive their licences. Many on social media have reported that they have been waiting longer than six months to receive their provisional driving licence.

Driving licence renewal applications are still being processed from the second of June, meaning the DVLA has a current backlog of two months.

Over 70 driving licence renewal applications are also backdated to the start of June.

Provisional drivers licence applications are backdated to June 21.

Applications for a driving licence with a non-UK identity are currently being processed as of June 22.

“The last time I phoned them, I asked how long will it be until I get my licence back, the answer was basically how long’s a bit of string.

“Their online services are a joke.”

In response to these claims, a DVLA spokesperson spoke to the

They said: “Our online services have not been impacted by the pandemic or industrial action and are running as normal and without delay so we would urge customers to use these online services if they can.

“There are delays in processing paper applications due to ongoing industrial action and social distancing requirements in Wales, which means that we have fewer staff than usual on site at any one time.

“Paper applications are taking on average, between six and ten weeks to process but there may be longer delays for more complex transactions such as those that require medical investigations.

“It’s disappointing that the Public and Commercial Services Union is choosing to continue with industrial action and targeting services that will have the greatest negative impact on the public, including some of the more vulnerable people in society.

“As restrictions are easing across the country, and life is returning to normal, millions of people right across the UK, from those applying for their first provisional driving licence, to traders selling cars, are relying on essential DVLA services.

“PCS’s demands are causing significant and unnecessary disruption to families and businesses, all at a time when they are most needed.” 


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