‘It’s dangerous’: residents of Manitoba Housing complex concerned about living conditions

Residents of a Manitoba Housing seniors complex in Saint Boniface are calling for action over health and safety concerns.

A group of residents and advocates took to the Manitoba Legislature on Wednesday to raise awareness of the conditions at the 55-plus building at 101 Marion St.

“It’s dirty. It’s dangerous. They’ve reduced the security – I can go on and on and on,” said Randall Wolak, who has been pushing for changes at the building for three months.

Wolak said the group is concerned about the lack of security, water damage, bug infestations, and filthy conditions in common areas. He said complaints to property management, Manitoba Housing, and the government have been ignored.

“I’ve shown them pictures, documented it, shown them the filth. It’s still the same. They just will not put any onus on them for basic maintenance of the building,” he said.

“It’s got to the point where we really have to bring this to the public for the awareness of what’s going on there.”

A spokesperson for Manitoba Housing told CTV News the province takes the health and safety of its tenants very seriously.

“While some chemical pest treatments had to be paused due to the pandemic, those services have resumed,” the spokesperson said in a statement, adding 56 units at 101 Marion were treated last week.

“We will continue to work closely with tenants to address this issue and to ensure pest treatments are as successful as possible. We are currently in the process of repairing water damage to a small number of units, which was caused by a toilet overflowing.”

The spokesperson said the province is making investments for tenants’ safety, which at 101 Marion St. includes card access to get in the building, security cameras and a contract security guard. 


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