Electric bike company creates ‘traffic crushing’ moped to weave in and out of congestion

Swedish electric bike company CAKE has released two new models of their electric moped, the Makka Flex and the Makka Range. A first glance at the new Makka electric moped models show similarities to the modular design of the CAKE Ösa, the first electric moped in the company’s lineup.

The Makka is a much smaller and thus more affordable bike, with the company describing it as their “most agile and compact bike to date”.

The description continued, saying: “It is a commuting wonder, a lightweight, traffic crushing convenience machine with category-leading performance built for an active and modern lifestyle.”

Much like the Ösa, the Makka mopeds are designed to accept a wide range of utility accessories such as cargo racks, rear seats, and other mountable add-ons.

This allows riders to customize the electric mopeds based on the type of riding needed.

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The Makka Flex is designed for street-legal use in the USA and across Europe, with Europeans also having access to a second model.

The Makka Range has a lower top speed of just 15mph (25km/h) but has an impressive range of around 37 miles (60km) per battery.

This speed allows the moped to be ridden without a licence on bicycle lanes, enabling extensive possibilities to move around in any city.

The Range has a starting price of €3,500 or just over £3,000.

Compared to the 30 mph Ösa Lite, which debuted at around €6,000, the 28 mph Makka Flex’s €3,800 represents totally new pricing territory for the Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer.

Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE, praised the Makka line as the ultimate urban commuter bike.

He said: “With cities and urban mobility changing faster than expected with cleaner and more efficient solutions, we have been eager to share the Makka.

“An urban short-haul vessel, compact in size and price, reaching a wide audience in the process of deciding what their future means of transportation will be.

“I’m proud to introduce the CAKE urban shuttle, Makka.”

Both models are now available for pre-order with home delivery being listed as being available worldwide, with delivery estimated for the start of 2022.


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