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A Sydney brewery has looked to its famous Australian namesake to drum up support for COVID-19 vaccinations – and passing motorists are loving it.

Hawke’s Brewing Co teamed up with its artistic neighbour, Scottie Marsh, to whip up a mural at the company’s new site in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville and it’s gone viral.

“The message is simple – EVERY jab gets us closer to the pub,” the brewery said on its Facebook page.

“The sooner we hit 80%, the sooner vulnerable businesses (like your favourite pub!) can get back on their feet, and the sooner we can all get back to living with less lockdowns, more freedoms and yes, frosties straight from the tap.

It’s Bob Hawke mural is being used to show support for the state’s growing COVID-19 vaccination efforts and also raise funds for the COVID-hit hospitality industry.

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣”We have $10,000 in cold hard cash, ready to donate on your behalf to our pals at Tip Jar for their Australian Hospitality Relief Fund,” the brewery said.

Tipjar is an online hospitality relief fund set up with the aim of raising $100,000 for the Australian hospitality industry.

“If even just a fraction of Australia donate just a $10 tip, we’ll reach it in no time at all and immediately begin helping those individuals who need it most right now,” Tipjar organisers said online.

Hawke’s Brewery Co. will donate $1 to Tipjar for every comment posted on its Facebook mural post. Some simple conditions apply – you need to tag a mate, name who you’d love to have a beer with post-lockdown and tag a venue where you’d most love to have that first beer, then add a few hashtags and you’re done.

The company will also donate $2 for every repost of the mural Facebook post – see their Facebook page for full details.

And you can also be like Bob and buy a t-shirt like the one being worn by the former Australian PM in the mural – with $5 from every t-shirt sale going to the vaccination tip jar.

“Let’s go jab ourselves out of this lockdown⁣,” the brewery crew says. Sounds like a plan!


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