Man shares ‘best thing he ever did’ as he explains how he cleared £20,000 worth of debt

The West London resident, like many, first went into debt during university and fell into a vicious cycle of payday loans.

“The cycle before that, for about seven years, was I had six or seven payday loans revolving every month to pay off the other payday loans,” hge explained.

“It was a very deep cycle I got myself in. I had to do something quite drastic and waiting for the company to give me a pay rise or a random bonus [was] not going to happen.

“All the expenses were crazy. So long story short, whatever my salary was after taxes, my general bills were at least half, and then with food, at the end of the day I had about £200 to pay off my credit cards which were all maxed out. Then I had no money left so I’d use my credit card and it was just a constant cycle.

“My normal salary wouldn’t cut it, [it was only] as soon as I started earning a little more on the side did I start to get ahead.”


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