Plane CRASHES into industrial building in central Connecticut, setting it ablaze (VIDEOS)

Firefighters in Farmington, Connecticut are tackling a blaze at an industrial building after a plane crashed into the facility on Thursday morning. Police have asked the public to avoid the area.

Farmington Police Department confirmed that a plane had crashed into a building on Hyde Road, and said in a tweet that emergency services were on the ground working to “evacuate the immediate area”. 

Authorities didn’t provide further details or state if anyone was injured.

In imagery shared from the scene on social media, smoke could be seen billowing from the site of the crash, with firefighters tackling the sizable blaze that erupted from one section of the building.

The footage showed the aftermath of the crash at an industrial complex on Hyde Road, near to Robertson Airport. It’s not known if the plane had recently taken off or was attempting to land at the air field.

Farmington is located in Connecticut’s Hartford County, roughly 10 miles (16km) from the state capital.



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