Racist chants directed at Sterling and Bellingham as England beat Hungary in Budapest

Racist chants were directed at England players during their 4-0 win over Hungary.

Sky Sports News reporter Rob Dorsett said he heard “sporadic monkey chants from various areas of the crowd” at the Puskas Arena in Budapest.

They were “primarily towards Raheem Sterling when he touched the ball”, Dorsett added.

“I have seen four separate individuals specifically involved in the racist chanting. The most recent of those was directed at Jude Bellingham, as he warmed up right in front of us, and close to the Hungarian ultras.

“They have been sporadic pockets of racist abuse we have seen, but they are nonetheless clear.”

Sky Sports News’s Peter Smith said Sterling was “pelted by cups thrown from the crowd” as he celebrated at the corner flag after scoring the first goal.

The BBC’s Juliette Ferrington heard similar things. “I definitely heard one and saw it with my own eyes, aimed toward Jude Bellingham, when he was warming up,” she said.

“Another plastic cup was thrown and he reacted with his fingers and carried on.

“Then came the monkey chants and there have been four different reports of that. Raheem Sterling was also targeted after Harry Kane’s goal.”

Before the World Cup qualifier began, England players were booed as they took the knee.

Captain Harry Kane said he “didn’t hear” the racist abuse directed towards Sterling and Bellingham, but added: “I’ll talk to the boys and see if they heard any of it.

“Look, we’ll have to report it to UEFA. If it’s the case then hopefully UEFA can come down strong.”


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